System Overview
aPod Software Update - Version 2.25
aPod Software version 2.25 (build 001175) was released on July 16, 2012.  Version 2.25 was a major advancement in the development of the aPod System.  The maximum door count was doubled and in response to customer requests, we added many new features and functions to increase the scope and capabilities of the system.

At the same time, an unrelenting focus on simplification made this version of the aPod System even easier to install and manage.
What was new is Version 2.25?
  • Multi-Door - The maximum door count was increased to 50 doors.
  • Multi-Site - Manage doors over multiple sites as a single connected system.  Learn more.
  • Security Alerts - Send security alerts by emails, text messaging or Twitter to multiple Administrators. Designate if and when an Administrator should receive alerts.
  • Time and Attendance Reports - Time and attendance reports summarize late arrivals, early departures, days absent and total time on site.  This information can be reported for all employees in weekly intervals and filtered by shifts and calendar dates.
  • Anti-passback - A 'passback' describes an attempt to compromise an access control system in which an access token is used by more than one person.  A valid User gains access and then 'passes' or loans his token to someone else to enable them to enter.  The anti-passback logic in the aPod Controller prevents this manoeuvre.
  • Automatic Door Opener Interface - Seamlessly integrate access control with an automatic door opener for Users who need assistance when entering or exiting through a door that is controlled by the aPod Access Control System.
  • Digital Video Recorder Interface - The aPod System provides an interface to a Verint Lanex microDVR or a Verint NetDVR.  Access events are sent to the DVR to tag the video with cardholder identification, door name and date/time information.
  • Improved Event and Audit Logs - The aPod System keeps track of deleted Users and Administrators. Their associated events are retained in the event and audit logs.
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