System Overview
aPod Software Update - Version 1.50
aPod Software version 1.50 (build 003556) was released on December 13, 2011.  The new software introduced a number of system enhancements plus two new features: Remote Connect and PIN Only Access Mode.
Remote Connect - Manage the aPod System from anywhere

The aPod Access Control System provides the ultimate in flexible, secure communications.

You can access the aPod System and manage it from anywhere on the Local Area Network or the Internet using a PC, a Mac, a tablet or a smartphone.  All communications are secured with 128-bit encryption.

Enable Remote Connect with a simple configuration in the aPod Browser Interface.  The aPod System will automatically configure the router and maintain the communication link.

Connect to the aPod Access Control System from anywhere there is Internet access using a PC, a Mac, a tablet or a smartphone.
The aPod is 100% browser-based so there is no need for an on-site PC.  With a PC software program, you cannot remotely connect unless the PC is left running.  The PC may shut down.  Applications can freeze and without a watchdog, they won't auto-restart.  Also, on a power failure, a PC won't necessarily auto-restart.

Refer to The aPod Administrator's Guide for more information about Remote Connect.

Card Only, Card plus PIN and now ID plus PIN Access Modes
ID plus PIN access mode provides access control without the need for managing tokens.

The ID plus PIN (personal identification number) access mode is a lower cost alternative for electronic access control.  There is no requirement for access tokens.

The user simply enters their ID and their PIN at a keypad reader to unlock the door.  Duplicate PIN's are not a problem because every user ID is unique.

The aPod System provides two methods for managing user PIN's.  A system administrator can assign PIN's and give them to each user which is often the most convenient method.

Alternatively, the users can manage their own PIN's and change them right at the keypad reader.  This latter method is more secure as the user is the only one that knows the PIN.

Refer to The aPod Administrator's Guide for more information about ID plus PIN access mode.

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