System Overview
aPod II Single Door Controller

Surface mount single door controller.
Product Code - SDC

The all-in-one door controller
The aPod II is a compact, network connected door controller with large system capabilities. It is installed at the door and powers all door peripherals with Power over Ethernet. Its embedded web server provides a sophisticated and intuitive Graphical User Interface to any PC on the network using any common browser. Add more aPods and they are automatically integrated into a multi-door system using the same single browser interface. All communication is secured with AES 128-bit encryption.

Easy to install, easy to use
The aPod II has been designed to eliminate the mysteries of complex network and system configuration. Automatic enrollment of controllers, readers and cards, perpetual daylight saving time and holiday schedules by location, and sensible defaults make the system truly plug-and-play.

Lowest installed cost
The aPod II provides the lowest installed cost per door. It uses existing network infrastructure eliminating the need for expensive RS-485 cabling or IP interface devices. PoE eliminates the need for AC power and supplementary power supplies. There is no PC software and the time for installation and commissioning is dramatically reduced.

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