System Overview
OST Proximity Keypad Reader

OST proximity card reader with keypad
Product Code - PKR

Keypad readers provide a higher level of security by allowing a token plus PIN authentication method.  High security access can be scheduled and used for example, only on weekends and after hours.  Smaller systems can also use a keypad reader for PIN only access where tokens are not required.

The OST Proximity Card Reader with Keypad uses 125 KHz RF technology to provide the optimum balance of security, convenience and cost.  You can bundle the OST Prox Keypad Reader with an aPod controller for additional cost savings.


  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • A 50-bit card format ensures that every card has a unique ID so there is no need to maintain site codes.
  • The LED colors are software configurable and can be either blue or red for the "locked state" and green for the "unlocked state".
  • Capacitive key switches require only a light touch and are extremely durable.
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