System Overview
aPod II Features and Specifications
The aPod has a competitive feature set which is constantly improving.  Do you have an application that requires another feature?  Please contact us and we will discuss it.  Put our development resources on your team.
aPod II Features
100% browser-based. No software to install. A single browser window manages the entire system.
Remote Login lets you manage the system from anywhere there is a LAN or Internet access using a PC, a MAC, a tablet or a smartphone.
Security alerts. Send security alerts by email to multiple Administrators. Designate if an Administrator should receive alerts.
Alarm system interface. Disarming on valid card swipe; arming with triple swipe for authorized users. Audio and visual feedback of alarm panel status. Remote arming and disarming. Learn more.
Assisted Access. Automatic door opener interface and extended unlock time for designated Users.
Anti-passback. Four modes of operation, automatic and manual reset functions.
Emergency Lockdown function.
Door interlock function.
Custom App Codes for unique security requirements.
Support for 2 readers with Enter/Exit and Enter/Enter options. Second reader may be configured as a token enrollment reader.
Access Modes. Card Only, PIN Only, Card plus PIN and Dual Custody access modes selectable by schedule.
Temporary User functionality.
Graphical single-view door scheduling
7 intervals per day.
User Group schedules supplement door schedules. Up to 250 (1 per User Group). User Group schedules accommodate complex work schedules.
User controlled unlock schedules for authorized users. A triple swipe toggles a door between the locked and unlocked states.
Perpetual, automatic Daylight Savings Time and holiday scheduling pre-configured by location. Includes variable holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter.  Provision for scheduling an extended shutdown.
Unlock schedules activated on first valid card swipe for authorized users. Eight additional unlock options.
Filtered reports in HTML and TSV formats.
Remote fail-safe updating of software via the Internet
AES 128-bit encrypted communication.
Backup and restore functions with reminders.
Built in system diagnostics.
Import utility for user names, card numbers, PIN's and User Groups.
Automatic enrollment of controllers, readers and access tokens.
Digital Video Recorder Interface. The aPod System provides an interface to an Axis 216FD video camera.
aPod II Specifications
Multi-door: up to 100 doors
Multi-site: Manage doors over multiple sites as a single connected system.
Users/cards: 10,000
Simultaneous clients: 10
Administrators: 250
Event log: 100,000 events
Admin audit log: 10,000 edits
Reader support: 1. Any reader with a Wiegand interface, 25 customizable reader formats, 200-bit capacity, ID bits - 16 to 128, 4 site codes per format and 2. any ISO 7811 compliant magstripe reader with Clock and Data (TTL) output, Track 1 or Track 2.
Power Requirements: Power over Ethernet, 802.3af compliant (13 watts). Supplies all door peripherals including strikes and maglocks up to 700 mA total draw.
Inputs: up to 6 configurable inputs per controller, each N.O. or N.C. with or without EOL resistor (1KΩ, 2.2KΩ, 5.6KΩ). 12 standard input types plus 4 customizable input types.
Outputs: Strike (12 VDC up to 500 mA) and siren (12 VDC up to 250 mA). The siren output plus one 5 VDC output are configurable to interface an alarm system, an automatic door opener, and a lockdown annunciation device.
Field Wiring: Terminated with plug-on 5.0 mm terminal blocks.
Browser support: All modern browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on Windows 10, 8, Vista, and XP, Mac OS or Linux.
Operating temperature: For indoor use (0°C to 40°C or 32°F to 105°F).
Control panel: Compact metal enclosure with removable lid and tamper detection.
Complies with FCC Part 15 rules for Class A Digital Devices and Industry Canada ICES-003 2012 for Class A Information Technology Equipment.
CE Mark    Do not trash.
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